Lunch and Early Evening Buffet

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Buffet Informaton

All of our buffets are presented to the highest standard and delivered using white contemporary china and stainless steel platters, we do not ask you to wash them, just make sure everything is returned and undamaged!

Disposable cutlery supplied.

Any lost or damaged china will be charged at £10.00 per white piece and £1.00 per side plate.

There is a delivery charge of £5.00 for any deliveries over 5 miles from our shops.

We deliver your buffet to your Reception Area of your workplace only, and will be left downstairs for you to collect if you have stairs.

We will return as early as possible the following day to collect.

We will substitute any item accordingly if not available.

Payment Information

An invoicing system can be set up for regular orders, we accept cash, cheque or BACS, and our terms are set within 7-30 days, dependent on the customer.

We ask customers to respect our terms and pay when the balance is due, failure to pay may result in us withdrawing future supplies and will incur a 10% charge of the total.

Delivery Information

Delivered Monday - Friday 7am - 3pm (7am -10am for Choice 8 - Breakfast  Menu).

24 Hours Notice Required.

Important Information

It is the advice of The Food Standards Agency  that ALL food is consumed within three hours of delivery and if not consumed after this time, either disposed of or refrigerated immediately for later consumption.

Please ensure that your food is ideally not set up near a toilet area or in an area that is too warm or in direct sunlight.

Please also be aware that whilst we do not use any nut product at our shops, we can not guarantee that all food is free from trace.